Welcome to AssortedWebApps.com

This site contains some tools and other odds and ends that I put together for personal use. It's a function over form situation. So very basic and not super pretty. I decided to share this with the rest of you. If you find what you see interesting or if it adds value to you, feel free to pitch in some spare change for support.

I intend to keep the content ad free because I don't like ads much. Most of what's on here took an engineering degree, and a substancial amount of time to develop and get working. However, don't feel obligated.

I get how annoying it is dealing with people asking for money on the internet. But, if you don't pitch in, then remember, you can't say the world is a bad place. This site would be an example of you benefiting from something that someone else provided you at no cost to you. That seems like a pretty good world to live in if you ask me.



GPA Calculator

A calculator that will compute your gpa over the course of your college career. Admittingly, it's not super useful but it beats having to set up a spreadsheet.

Press Fit Calculator

A calculator that will do some press fit calculations. It works pretty well so long as you stay within the bounds of the assumptions. It's also faster than doing the math by hand. If you're going to use it professionally, I would advise that you to double check your calculations by hand. It's been close on everything I've used it for but I haven't exactly spent a bunch of time trying to break it yet.

Push Up Force Calculator

I was curious how much weight I'm "bench pressing" when doing pushups. This is what came from that. It uses averages, so it won't be exactly correct, but it should be close. Probably.

Tolerance Visualizer

This one displays the relative scales of various tolerance zones. I was seeing a lot of my peers putting insanly tight tolerances on prints and decided something had to be done about it.

Future Apps and Features

I have a few other apps in the works. The next one on the chopping block is kind of extensive. I had 20 pages of calculations just to figure out all the math. I suspect it will take me a while to convert that all into code. I also have another website that I need to get figured out. So I'll probably put that up first before adding more stuff to this one.